Program & Activities

Cultural Education for Students


In an effort to increase the understanding and love for the rich Asmat culture among students in the city of Agats and its surroundings, the Asmat Cultural Museum organizes the "Cultural Education for Students" program. This program aims to provide a fun alternative space for students to learn about Asmat customs, arts, and culture.

Through touring exhibitions at the museum, students have the opportunity to explore unique and diverse collections that showcase daily life, traditional art and Asmat cultural heritage. Discussions and presentations held as part of this program provide a platform for students to share their knowledge and understanding of Asmat culture.

Moreover, educational games are interactive tools that stimulate students' creativity and analytical thinking. In a cheerful atmosphere, they can understand Asmat cultural concepts in a more fun and interesting way.

In addition, watching animations about Asmat culture together provides an in-depth and interesting experience for students. Animation is an effective medium for visually conveying cultural values and stimulating curiosity.

With this program, it is hoped that students in the city of Agats and its surroundings can increasingly recognize, understand and ultimately love Asmat culture. The Asmat Cultural Museum is committed to being an inspiring educational vehicle, creating a generation that cares about cultural diversity in Indonesia.

Museum Village Visitation

We seek to expand the positive influence and understanding of Asmat culture by initiating a program of visits to villages in the Deep Region. The program aims to connect with local communities, showcase the richness of Asmat culture, and raise awareness of the importance of preserving cultural heritage.

First, the Asmat Museum of Culture and Progress brings its unique collections to remote places through traveling exhibitions in several villages. This provides an opportunity for locals to learn about the function of a museum and to recognize the heritage of their ancestors that may have been forgotten.

Next, the museum team observed traditional life in the villages. This was done to understand the local cultural context, explore daily life, and gain a deeper understanding of the values held by the local community.

During the visit, detailed notes were made about the traditional festivals still practiced in the villages. This information forms the basis for the documentation and preservation of the customary traditions that are still alive among the Asmat people.

In addition, the program aims to raise awareness of Asmat customs and culture, as well as the art of carving, through outreach activities and discussions. In an open and friendly atmosphere, the community is invited to actively participate in conversations about the importance of maintaining the sustainability of their culture.

Through these activities, the Asmat Museum of Culture and Progress hopes to establish closer ties between the museum and the local community, while making a positive contribution to the preservation and appreciation of the Asmat cultural heritage.

Asmat Art & Culture Discussion

The Art and Culture Discussion Program, hosted by the Asmat Museum of Culture and Progress, is designed as an inclusive platform to facilitate dialogue and in-depth exploration of the rich Asmat art and culture. With a holistic approach, the program brings the community together online and in person, creating opportunities for a wide range of people to engage in conversations that enrich their knowledge and understanding.

1. Online Arts and Culture Discussion:

The online arts and culture discussion, which involves participants from different locations, uses technology to provide in-depth insights into the rich Asmat culture. Experts and experienced panelists from the Asmat Museum of Culture and Progress will share their knowledge on traditional arts, indigenous life, and the challenges of cultural preservation. Participants will be able to actively participate by asking questions and sharing their views through the online platform.

2. Offline Seminars and Workshops:

The program not only has an online presence. It also embraces diversity by organizing offline seminars and workshops in selected locations. Involving local communities and museum visitors, these activities create a space for direct interaction with Asmat artists, curators, and cultural experts. Participants can engage in deep conversations, gain hands-on experience, and support arts and cultural activities in the neighborhood.

Asmat Cultural Research

The Cultural Research Program of the Asmat Museum of Culture and Progress is an important milestone in the effort to preserve and better understand Asmat cultural diversity. With a focus on scientific research and practical benefits, the program is designed to explore, document, and present a broader knowledge of Asmat cultural heritage.

Deep research:

The cultural research program began with expeditions and in-depth explorations to several villages in the Asmat region. The research team consisted of ethnographers, cultural anthropologists, and art experts who worked closely with local communities to detail aspects of Asmat daily life, traditions, and art.

A Collaborative Approach:

The Asmat Museum of Culture and Progress takes a collaborative approach to research. Local communities are not only the subjects of research, but also active partners in the process of knowledge extraction. This collaboration not only enriches the data, but also builds a strong relationship between the museum and the community.

Preservation of Arts and Traditions:

The program focuses on the preservation of traditional arts and customs that may be endangered, in addition to documentation. By working with local artists, the Asmat Museum of Culture and Progress is committed to supporting preservation initiatives and promoting the continuity of traditional arts.

Publications and Education:

Research results are presented in scientific publications, books and educational materials. The program aims to disseminate the knowledge discovered to a wider audience, including students, academics, and cultural enthusiasts. Seminars and workshops are also held to discuss research results and to promote the exchange of ideas.

Technological Innovation:

The Asmat Museum of Culture and Progress adopts technological innovations to enrich research. The use of digital technology, including video documentation and interactive maps, allows data to be presented in a more dynamic and comprehensive way.

Sustainability and Community Engagement:

In addition to pursuing knowledge, the program is committed to sustainability and community engagement. The museum works with local governments and nonprofit organizations to integrate research findings into regional conservation and development policies.

Through the Cultural Research Program, the Asmat Museum of Culture and Progress is not only a place of knowledge, but also at the forefront of efforts to preserve and develop the rich and unique cultural heritage of the Asmat region.

Temporary Exhibition

The Temporary Exhibition Program at the Asmat Museum of Culture and Progress is a dynamic platform that presents a series of thematic exhibitions that take visitors on an immersive journey into the history and mythology that underpin the Asmat culture.

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