The Museum of Asmat Culture and Progress is a home and a place of study for anyone interested in learning about Asmat culture and art. We have over 2000 collections from around Asmat. 

The Museum of Asmat Culture and Progress, founded in 1973 through the efforts of the Diocese of Agats, is entering a new phase. Through this website, we hope to introduce the Asmat culture and the museum's collections to the whole world.

The most important thing today, however, is how the young Asmat generation can have a connection with their history and culture, some of which is on display in this museum.

The earliest collection in the museum came from the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart (MSC). The Missionaries of the Order of the Holy Cross (OSC) have been collecting since 1959 and continue to do so.

Many of them also came from Dr. Gunter Konrad, who was with Ursula Konrad when he made the first Heidelberg expedition to Brazza in 1971. Other collections were collected by Brother Mark, Bishop Alphonse Sowada and Father Trenkenschuh, as well as by Tobias Schneebaum, the first curator of the Asmat Museum.


Museum Collection
Let's learn about the Asmat Museum of Culture and Progress collection.

Museum Hours:
Monday - Saturday: 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Sunday & Holliday: Closed
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